Phantom 2 Vision + Camera gimbal has life of its own


6 Comments on “Phantom 2 Vision + Camera gimbal has life of its own”

  1. Roger says:

    How did you get camera off the shaft? did you have to pry on it hard with a screwdriver or something? Why didn’t you use Red permanent loctite?

  2. Roger says:

    I did this but camera still does the same thing ribbon cable all look ok,but i did notice on ic chip next to poitentometer has a gray spot on it like maybe it fried?

    • Alex says:

      that chip isn’t fried. I crashed mine and the gimbal is doing the same crazy thing. The chip and that gray spot is something that I have on my circuitry as well. It was merely a grease mark used to identify one thing from another, during its assembly.

      Day 2 will begin tomorrow for me after I’ve just crashed it yesterday.

  3. Filippo says:

    Hello to All,
    today i have measured the trimmer value of three motors from my gimbal.
    Tilt motor — 3.2KOhm in 0 position (camera side)
    Roll motor — 3.2 KOhm in 0 position (horizontal)
    L motor — 1.4KOhm (bad value) no change in any rotation.
    I have found this trimmer by RS-ONLINE site
    I want to try to change it , because I think that during the fall to the floor of my drone to land the trimmer was broken togheter the arm L (out of inclination)

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