Banana what?

When Margarethe sent me a photo of a Banana Hanger I knew what it was, I just could not believe anyone actually uses it, so when she asked me to make her one I was surprised and embarrassed. Yet, when Margarethe asks, one executes, and so I did – with lots of love.Banana Hanger


4 Comments on “Banana what?”

  1. Renate Markey-Boeschl says:

    .. what a beauty! …. and if I could get one I would actually hang bananas on it! Renate (Waldhausen/Austria)

  2. Renate Markey-Boeschl says:

    … and, it’s actually called a “Banana Tree” ….

  3. Very nice. I’ve just finished a bandsawn bowl (although I’ve yet to document it) and although it’s big enough for my apples, there isn’t enough room for the bananas on top so, I might well have to consider something similar.

  4. Eli says:

    Build a wine bottle holder that holds the bottle horizontally with the bottom up and top down. Far superior to simply standing it atop the table. All the rage among US yuppies..

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