Router Table with integral DC

The unique feature of my router table is its self contained dust collection system. Based on home vacuum motor attached to the lower shelf and activated with the router, the vacuum created in the cabinet draws most of the dust created on the top. Larger chips and finer dust are all kept inside the cabinet:

Tabletop lifts to allow router access and dust removal:

Front panel opens as well:

The filter prevents dust from returning to the workshop:

Rear view of the table reveals the vacuum motor on the bottom shelf:


4 Comments on “Router Table with integral DC”

  1. dan says:

    Hi!Very nice prpject !I like your site ,but would be great if you will add more details on your DIY projects.Some videos maybe..
    Thanks a lot anyway !

  2. I like the design of the table. I think I’ll made something similar. Nice

  3. This is the tiniest router table design I’ve ever seen. How long did you make it? Nice!

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