Metal and reclaimed wood table

A request for a “small dining table” came in and immediately I knew what I want to create, or should I say “copy”. A very similar table caught my eyes and I wanted to make my own version of a frame made of metal kept in raw format with a tabletop so natural that you’d have to add a glass to make it useful.

Next think I took an old pallet apart using a saber saw to cut the nails in-between the boards. This is the easiest way to dismantle a pallet while saving most of the wood and the marks and spots that comes with using used wood. Putting the board together as a tabletop was easy since I didn’t have to worry about flattening it or even about gluing it to hold weight. All that comes from the tempered glass held on top of the wood with silicon spacers. The wood is finished with heavy-duty outdoor polyurethane varnish that gives it the wet look and the frame with metal lacquer.

As for the rough look, some likes it, some don’t, I love it and the way it came out is exactly what I was looking for: glue lines and spilled glue, uneven surface, very basic metalwork and finish that protects and add a touch to the rustic look rather than stilling the show.







Metal and reclaimed wood table


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