Off-road SUV roof shower

When my friend Ziv was looking to buy a portable shower for his jeep, I suggested building one for him. To be honest I has no idea how complicated it would be and how much struggle it would take to squeeze all the features I offered.

The tank part was easy, welding a Geberit pipe and some covers. The difficult part was installing an electric pump, two faucets, and plenty of cupper tubing in small space, which could easily be extended, but I wanted to keep it small and serviceable.

To make a very long story short, it works and delivers sun-warmed water.

The pictures are not showing the side 12V water protected socket and the hand held shower spiral hose, which connects to the tank, and utilizes the pump.

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One Comment on “Off-road SUV roof shower”

  1. Brilliant concept, and even better implementation!

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