Negus toolboxes project

In the past few weeks I was working on a family project of restoring my father’s hand tools and building wooden toolbox to contain the tools along with historical details and personal message to future generations. The toolboxes made from wood salvaged from my parents bed have been given to family members last night during the Rosh-Hashanah dinner at our house.

Being a personal project with an attempt to touch both past and future, it is hard to describe the emotional importance of the project to all of us, so I will leave it as is but will happily share some photos with you.


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Simple round side table

Wood and metal, quick and easy build.


Throttle Tester

Home made accelerated life tester for hall sensor based throttle.

Bracelets stand

Made for my beloved sister, here it is without further ado.


Dust collector for angle grinder

Whenever we cut dry walls inside the house, everything is covered with fine dust no matter how much effort we put into covering the furniture.

The attachment shown here is an easy way to solve the mess and avoid the dust. It collects all the dust generated when cutting stone and dry walls. Of course, one can buy such upgrades but I had nowhere to buy it during the weekend so I built my own.

Made from 2 mm sheet metal and mounted to the grinder using modified blade guard.

Various projects

Few projects I made along the way, nothing unique, just fun work and results I am happy with.

Maple and Mahogany Tissue box

Toy gun


shower footboard

 large Maple box on wheels

Jewelry rack

2x4 wood cart with handbrake



Memory Eraser

This Neurological Short Term Memory Eraser was built for a film my son was part of in a summer camp. It is made according to MIB spec, an aluminum tube holding the battery and a strip of high intensity white LEDs. It works well except for a software glitch causing some people to lose entire memory instead of set period.

 Neurologic Short Term Memory Eraser