Various projects

Few projects I made along the way, nothing unique, just fun work and results I am happy with.

Maple and Mahogany Tissue box

Toy gun


shower footboard

 large Maple box on wheels

Jewelry rack

2x4 wood cart with handbrake




Memory Eraser

This Neurological Short Term Memory Eraser was built for a film my son was part of in a summer camp. It is made according to MIB spec, an aluminum tube holding the battery and a strip of high intensity white LEDs. It works well except for a software glitch causing some people to lose entire memory instead of set period.

 Neurologic Short Term Memory Eraser

Handstand Stand

Made from Pine for young athletes, these stands are used for practicing… handstands.


DIY Electrical Go-Kart for kids

I guess I should,  and probably will in the future, write more about this project which took most of my time and effort in the past three months. The short video below is just an intro showing the final product in action.

Famous 5-board-bench

Again, for the kindergarten, this time they needed to replace some old yard benches and I went for the easy solution of the 5 board bench concept. Not a complicated project yet time consuming as I had to make four of these.

All parts are made of Pine glued boards held together with heavy duty long metal screws that will last long after the benches will become firewood.

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Building a wooden playhouse for kids

The movie shows the process of building our playhouse which is made of pine wood. It was built in our home garden not far from where it was finally located.


555 Shower Buzzer

How do you get the kids out of the shower before they empty the hot water boiler? Well, you can try to educate  them (good luck),  punish them (“no shower one month”) or build a small 555  circuit to generate high frequency alarm 4-5 minutes after operating it by a toggle switch.

The alarm sounds well under the water and around the house so if you hear it too long you know the kid is testing your nerves again…

The kids hate it of course so after a while they start getting use to the time limit and promise to get out of the shower quickly if you let them do it “without the beep”.